Since the advent of smartphones in the late-2000s, tech predictors espoused that we were headed towards a "mobile first" world. In December 2017, mobile officially overtook desktop as the majority search shareholder. Search statistics continue to support that mobile search will only continue to grow, with search engines offering premium value to websites designed for mobile. We've moved into a "Mobile First" era, are you ready?

Mobile Website Design for Orlando Businesses

Years of waiting have ended as Google launched its Mobile First Search algorithms. After a decade of planning, the search engine's upgrade came at the "eleventh hour". Most of the major market analysts like Forrester and Gartner suggest more than 50% of today's search queries already come from mobile devices. About half of those local mobile searches are seeking information for directions, phone numbers or hours of operations for a local business.

10 Common Mobile Website Design Errors
You have to design for the user. Companies often make the mistake of failing to experience their website through their customers' eyes. Failure to deliver on what the customer needs is failure in business.

Common Web Design Errors

Some of the most common functional issues with a mobile website design are the direct result of screen resolution, text size and an overall lack of space compared to a desktop page layout. This is why many users still prefer to browse on their mobile device but purchase products on a desktop or laptop computer. Listed are ten common mobile website design errors:

  • Not a responsive design
  • Blocked JavaScript
  • Outdated website functionality
  • Pages not setup for mobile search
  • Poor image, graphic and text interfaces
  • Failed redirects
  • Bad cascading style sheets
  • Slow site or page load times
  • Intrusive interstitials
  • Page content is not engaging

One of the problems with trying to optimize a website for today's mobile environment is that you may simply fail to see the visitor's journey through his or her eyes. Shortsightedness results in customer-experience issues being over looked and not addressed during the mobile website design and search engine optimization process.

10 Common Mobile Website Design Errors
of search queries now come from mobile
of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product when conducting a search on their smartphone
of all U.S. ecommerce comes from mobile
How Slow Is Still a Fast Mobile Experience?
Mobile search has officially overtaken desktop as the majority shareholder. Combine that with the diminished attention span of a mobile device user and you get a situation in which your web pages need to be interesting and load lightning quickly.

How Slow Is Still a Fast Mobile Experience?

Load time and ease of navigation for a mobile site can affect the user's experience. In turn, this can influence the likelihood the visit will trigger a conversion. To make site navigation easier, limit your page length, that way the user will feel more comfortable scrolling top to bottom. For example, if your webpage layout relies on story boards, have the mobile version convert the panels into space-saving links or buttons. Users are more likely to continue navigating a site, once they have a feeling for how quickly they can move about.

Your company's need to "Think Mobile" cannot be overstated. Depending upon your industry and type of business, a responsive website programmed to transition seamlessly between desktop and mobile might be all you need. However, if you compete online in an industry where success depends on identifying every competitive niche, a mobile only version may be prudent investment. Due to the impatient nature of online shoppers today, e-commerce website platforms must offer excellent mobile configurations to support a speedy user experience.

How Slow Is Still a Fast Mobile Experience?
of iPhone users use Siri at least daily
of mobile voice search users do so because they say they don't like typing on their mobile
of mobile voice search users do so because they say it is quicker than going on a website or using an app
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