A beautifully designed website is all for naught if the site architecture isn't optimized. Code bloat can often occur when programmers are inexperienced or just aren't accounting for load times. Lengthy load times can tank your traffic, with users bouncing and looking for sites with a better user experience.

Website Development for Mobile First Search

If your company already has a website that is performing poorly, you may need to consider restructuring your site's architecture and visible web content to conform to today's SEO standards. If your company is in the planning phase of a new website design, then you should consider contacting a reputable SEO website development firm to assist with the initial design elements. Getting off to the right start is very important and your website's architecture plays a major role in successful online marketing.

It's quite complicated and sounds circular, but we've worked out a way of calculating a web site's importance.
- Larry Page, Google Co-Founder
Key Principles for Good Website Design
Design for the user experience, not for the developer. Sometimes developers over-complicate site functionality, opting for aesthetics or unique user-flow, which can often confuse users and deter them from using your website. Following basic web development guidelines can help keep focus on the right track.

Key Principles for Good Website Design

Since visitors to your website are the sole source for navigation and conversions, a user-centric design has become the standard for e-commerce and profit-oriented websites. Some of the fundamental components that may affect good website design include:

  • Will you have an online store? If yes, you will need a SSL, secure socket layer, and will need to select an online account to collect monies.
  • Does your website offer membership or require visitors to join? If yes, you will need to encrypt sensitive personal data that your website collects.
  • Will your company need to make frequent changes to your website's content? If yes, you will want to look at options for online content management system (CMS).

If your company invests more time and effort into the planning phase of SEO website development, then the more likely your site will generate quality web traffic resulting in a greater number of conversions.

Good Website Design
of smartphone users say they consult their phone on purchases
of users doing a local search visited a store within 5 miles
of online marketers prioritize converting leads to customers as number one
Usability, Utility and Function Create Conversions
Good design isn't just about being easy on the eyes, it should also be easy on the mind. Incorporating an analytics plan to help you understand consumer decision flows is crucial to converting.

Usability, Utility and Function Create Conversions

Will your company's website need to interface with a database, e-commerce inventory or portal application? If yes, you will want to consult with a SEO web developer to look at each application, the languages of each application, the application's data platform and other technical considerations that may affect your optimization efforts. An in-depth analysis of your software and hardware limitations will provide you with a better understanding of optimizing an existing website.

Good SEO web development will always include the installation of tracking code so you understand where your visitors go and which web pages influenced their decisions. In fact, the analytics reports will provide your company with more information than you will ever need to implement changes to your search engine marketing strategies. By approaching Internet marketing the right way, you will maximize your company's chances for a positive return on your investment in SEO website development and landing page design.

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It's all about Usability
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of buyers want to know about pricing on first visit
of Americans own at least two digital devices of differing size
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