Modern SEO focuses on using the variations of the word or phrase that work naturally within the content because users will have a better experience, and search engines are capable of rewarding rankings to sites regardless of the variation of that keyword used. In other words, when a shopper searches for 'books,' the pages that best serve that user’s search query will, in theory, be ranked highest regardless of whether the content reflects the word "book" or "books."1

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Although generic keywords tend to generate the greatest volume of web traffic, more specific, or product-level keywords, may produce more conversions for your website. For example, when a potential customer searches on the word "camera", you don't know for sure whether they are looking for general information about the history of cameras, or are searching for a particular model of camera. On the other hand, if the user types in the keyword phrase "minolta video camera", then your chance of making a sale are greatly improved. Thorough brand research includes understanding both your products and online competitors.

Good Keyword Selection Drives Targeted Traffic
While it can seem enticing to aim straight down the middle and try to win as much as you can, you can easily over-extend yourself and your resources. The best strategy is to not just compete for traffic, but compete for traffic that you want. There's a difference between users that are looking for information about your goods or services, and those that are looking to purchase your goods or services.

Good Keywords Drive Targeted Traffic

Since you want both users mentioned above to visit your website, it is important for you to select both broad keywords as well as targeted long-tail keyword combinations. So, what is the difference between a long-tail keyword phrase and a holy-grail keyword? A broad keyword phrase like "weight loss" suggests the buyer is seeking information about weight loss, whereas entering "buy weight loss products" (a long-tail keyword phrase) suggests some level of buyer intent with the user wanting to compare and/or purchase products.

Your website's home page is used to tell human visitors and the search engines' algorithms what your website is really all about. The Home page is usually the best page your company has to compete for generic keywords. Naturally, web pages like a product or service page tend to be a better place to land a user searching for a specific long-tail keyword phrase. Remember, it is typically harder to gain top SERP rank for very competitive generic keywords than it is to rank high for a niche keyword phrase.

Targeted Traffic
of users discovered a new company from a mobile search
of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles
of search queries are four words or longer
Latest Guidelines for Targeted Keyword Research
SEO is a constantly evolving process. Google always wants their users to be able to find the most relevant results, making frequent updates to their algorithm to help connect people with the information they want.

Targeted Long Tail Keywords

There has been a lot of change in search behavior over the last few years and the search engines are constantly updating their algorithms. If you want your site's content to produce optimal results, then you have to understand how to do the research and apply targeted keywords in today's online environment. As rules for SEO are constantly evolving, it can be somewhat tricky to know which terms are best for your digital marketing campaign. That's where the professionals at SEO World can help.

There are numerous software applications we use to identify the best keywords for attracting unique web traffic as well as the long-tail keyword phrases that can greatly increase the overall search volume for your website. Moreover, it is important for your long tail keywords to accurately match the terms your potential customers might use to find your products or services. Our keyword research Orlando provider has the experience and expertise to help you select the best keywords and phrases to promote any online marketing campaign.

Keyword Research Guidelines
of mobile searches are related to a location
of local-mobile searches result in offline purchases
of searches for something nearby result in a purchase
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