Return on investment (ROI) is important for adjusting your online marketing strategies. Are you getting your money's worth from each digital campaign? SEM data analysis provides a full picture of your online marketing performance.

SEM Reporting & Data Analysis

Digital marketing campaigns furnish an abundance of data for you to use in the analysis of your online efforts. Most advertising programs on the web can be monitored and analyzed daily, or hourly. Since these programs cost money in real time, one of the keys to maintaining your company's search engine marketing campaign is mastering the fine art of SEM reporting and data analysis. We can install conversion tracking code to your website that will allow you to generate timely reports to know where web traffic goes and what they do while visiting your site.

Poorly Planned Campaigns Produce Bad Results
Data collection is where the real power of Search Engine Marketing lies. Accounting for user behavior is crucial in establishing a marketing plan that maximizes your ROI.

Poor Planning = Bad Results

Online opportunities often lure newcomers into the bidding wars for both generic keywords and long tail keyword phrases. Unfortunately, many unsuspecting advertisers will win their fair share of the battles but will have quickly exhausted their budget and failed to get the conversions needed for a successful digital campaign. They simply failed to understand how to maximize their search marketing efforts. Here at SEO World, we work with you to develop an overall Internet marketing strategy that delivers results.

Don't get hasty or careless in selecting keywords for you campaign. And, be prepared to use your SEM reports in all planning meetings. If you overlook the importance of the information provided in the analytics, you can't make the real time adjustments needed to take advantage of evolving opportunities. Once you have a good feel for the data, you can make tweaks and track the impact of those changes to your digital marketing efforts using the various SEM reporting and data analysis tools. It's always a good idea to use a search marketing professional to assist you in setting up your SEM reporting schedule.

Poorly Planned Campaigns Produce Bad Results
of companies engaged in social selling report positive impact on revenue growth
of users would rather use online search than consult a salesperson
of all U.S. ecommerce is now conducted as mobile commerce
Using Online Analytics to Get the Traffic You Need
Using Online Analytics to Get the Traffic You Need
Knowing how a user interacts with your website can help you refine your content flow to more efficiently direct your audience towards taking action towards sales conversions.

The Importance of Online Analytics

Careless decisions or unnoticed mistakes can waste a lot of your digital marketing budget, but you can avoid costly mistakes. All the information your company will ever need to make intelligent marketing decisions is available in (near) real time. Once your SEM reporting is properly installed, the response from your targeted audiences can be matched to your company's creative inputs and goals. When the results from your company's organic search results are combined with well planned paid inclusions, you can direct a competitive campaign designed to win the search battle for very select keywords or keyword phrases.

Regular SEM reporting and data analysis will allow you to direct potential buyers to your site's most relevant web pages based on your user's search criteria. Well-matched search relevancy always leads to the greatest number of conversions. When you choose SEO World as your Orlando search marketing partner, we assist in planning, implementing and monitoring your pay per click marketing and other programs for paid inclusion. When you combine all the available online options for digital marketing, your strategy can be to capture a majority of search results for both organic and paid ad placements. Testing has shown the combination of the two increases traffic and extends credibility to your website.

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